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Downloadable Resources
Create Your Personalized Spiritual Disciplines Journal by Purchasing These Downloadable Joyfully HIS Resources.

Download each edition of the Brand new "Finding Joy Throughout the Year" series as they are added each month. 


  • As a Premium Subscriber to our community, you will gain unlimited access to all current and future Joyfully HIS downloadable resources, including the newly released, inspiring Finding Joy Throughout the Year Book Series. 

  • Each of the 12 books in this series will provide a month-long exploration of the living Word of God and a structured approach to spending time with Him daily. Included is a daily bible reading plan for each month, scripture memory verses, prayer prompts, questions to reflect on, and much more. Whether you are a seasoned believer or new to the faith, the Joyfully HIS monthly Bible Studies are crafted to meet you where you are and encourage you to take intentional steps toward growing in your relationship with God.

  • Our community is a private space designated for paid subscribers. Here you will find enlightening threaded discussions and thoughts/questions based on our daily Bible readings.

  • This genuine space will provide a place where like-minded people can gather together for prayer requests and encouragement as we seek Christ together each day.

  • If you are struggling to hold yourself accountable in your daily Bible reading and time spent with God, join us today where we can encourage one another on day by day. 

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